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Our Merchant X team is proud to offer expert knowledge and top-of-the-line technology for today’s evolving payment landscape. From retail point of sale to mobile device processing to online ecommerce sales, we have the right tools to cover your merchant service needs.

Our Features

The best choice!

When you choose Merchant X, you’re choosing the best value on the market. With our unique multi-processor approach, you’ll have access to 30+ different providers allowing you the most robust product offering in the state. Couple this with our affordable pricing and expert staff and you’re clearly in good hands.

Free Terminal Program!

Taking this commitment a step further, and in addition to the great rates and pricing already mentioned, we’re excited to announce our Free Terminal Program. That’s right – a FREE VX520 countertop terminal for all merchants that qualify. Ask us how your business can qualify today!


Efficiency and Integrity!

At Merchant X, our only goal is to take the confusion out of merchant services and provide a straightforward, streamline experience to our clients. While other providers might see you as a profit margin, we see you as our neighbors, colleagues and friends, and we pledge to always provide the absolute best possible service we can. Part of this pledge includes our rapid-approval process, where qualified businesses can have their merchant accounts up and running within 2 hours.

Options, Options, Options

By choosing Merchant X, you’re able to work with any platform on the market. We’re compatible with the biggest names in merchant processing, including:

MerchantX platforms

– Shopify – Verifon – – WP/Woocommerce
– QuickBooks – Magento/Oracle
– And many more


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Call or email us today and schedule an appointment to meet with us in person. Our main office is located in beautiful downtown Portland and we’d love to have you come by for a quick chat and consultation.

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