Connected Office Technologies

Our mission is to be our clients favorite partner.

Simple flat rate billing  and NO annual overages or increases.



About us

At Connected Office Technologies, customer service is our #1 priority. with our friendly staff and amazing leasing options, we help organizations figure out budget-friendly, efficient, and functional solutions to their most common business applications. Connected Office Technologies is determined to bring technology into the workplace to help organizations advance their missions.

Products and Services we Offer

– Copier and printer solutions with on-site service
– Cost cutting automated toner delivery programs
– Telephone and data solutions
– Scanning solutions
– Nationwide and regional deployment of all services

Verticals we Serve

– General Business               – Food Saftey
– Municipalities                     – Nonprofits
– Education                            – Technology
– Health Care                        – Building trades
– Finance                               – Automotive


Next Steps

1. Find It

– Review leases and invoices
– confirm current amounts spent
– Look at equipment and counts

2. Demo It

– Recmend equipment
– Launch and learn
– Demonstrate models
– Review pricing and installation plan

3. Execute It

– Schedule delivery
– Install devices
– Service as needed
– Monitor equipment